Our Favorite Dinner Party Ideas for Summer

Anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE a good party. Any excuse to throw a massive BASH, and I'm already sending out the Evites. But there's something about a more intimate dinner party where you can really be creative and pull out those special details. And you can really have more quality time with your guests.

We are lucky to have a really nice sized backyard and a few years ago we were able to do some fun transformations that really reflected my husband & my joy of entertaining. So as you probably guessed, summertime is when we love to be outside as much as possible. We pretty much eat dinner on the patio every night. Usually involves music on the outdoor speakers, some sort of grilled foods, trampoline tricks or dance performances from our goofball daughters. Good times I will always cherish.

(Tropic Vibes Box Shown Here)

Here are a few of my favorite of Summertime Dinner Party Ideas that are so worthy of trying...


Fresh Fruit Paletas (popsicles) in a glass with bubbly champagne or prosecco poured over and immediately served. Swirl and infuse your cocktail with as much fruit flavor as you desire. Classy and playful, my favorite combinati