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Our Favorite Dinner Party Ideas for Summer

Anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE a good party. Any excuse to throw a massive BASH, and I'm already sending out the Evites. But there's something about a more intimate dinner party where you can really be creative and pull out those special details. And you can really have more quality time with your guests.

We are lucky to have a really nice sized backyard and a few years ago we were able to do some fun transformations that really reflected my husband & my joy of entertaining. So as you probably guessed, summertime is when we love to be outside as much as possible. We pretty much eat dinner on the patio every night. Usually involves music on the outdoor speakers, some sort of grilled foods, trampoline tricks or dance performances from our goofball daughters. Good times I will always cherish.

(Tropic Vibes Box Shown Here)

Here are a few of my favorite of Summertime Dinner Party Ideas that are so worthy of trying...


Fresh Fruit Paletas (popsicles) in a glass with bubbly champagne or prosecco poured over and immediately served. Swirl and infuse your cocktail with as much fruit flavor as you desire. Classy and playful, my favorite combination. So simple, right?


There is always something magical about summer nights. You don't need to do much to enhance an evening under the stars. Embrace being outdoors by keeping it simple. Picking some wildflowers on a morning walk and placing them in a mason jar or glass with some simple tealights is sometimes all you need for an imitate & elegant affair. I love using rocks and succulents, wood and other natural elements as well. Easy, lovely and special.


In the summer (or year round if you are from SoCal like myself) there is never a shortage of citrus....ever. I am lucky to have multiple citrus trees on my property, but even if you don't, it's a perfect inexpensive, vibrant, and ultra summery decoration for your next gathering! I love this simple and fresh tablescape from One Stylish Party. Real (or faux) greenery, and citrus cascading down the center of the table. Can you imagine how amazing it will smell?? I'm ready for that chilled rosé right there too...


A summer tradition in our home every summer. Great for families or just adults. If you have a large sheet or a fancy inflatable screen, it's all about atmosphere! Grab the blankets & pillows and set up a cozy spot to settle in. We love to grill pizzas and wheel out our vintage popcorn machine for movie night snacks. Don't forget the movie night candy too!


Ok, I cannot mention summer parties without the cheese platter! My go-to for almost every party. There is something so visually appealing about a board filled with an abundance of cheese, fruits, nuts, maybe meats and pickled veggies and bread. It's that "feast" for the eyes and something for everyone, crowd pleaser. You can style it differently for so many themes: Tropical, Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish, I've even done a patriotic one with all Red, White & Blues. Small wood board or EPIC grazing table. So versatile. A no-brainer for a summer party.


Yes, I have an outdoor dining table and sometimes we eat around the outdoor couch area when I'm feeling even more casual. But every once in a while it's nice to set up a dinner table somewhere a little different for dinner guests. Set up a table on the grass or do it "picnic style" on the ground with pillows and a low table. Mixing it up is a fun surprise that can give a different vibe. (Doesn't our Geo Chic Party Tablescape just POP against the grass?? Love it!)

Whatever you do for summer, I hope you enjoy yourself and make some great memories. Cheers!

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