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Teach a Class at the OMC Studio


Hello Fellow Creators! We are glad you found us!

Below is a general breakdown of how we work our studio rentals. 

You can check our event calendar to see what dates are available for booking. 

All NEW vendors must fill out and sign our Venue Rental Agreement before bookings will be honored. Please begin the process by emailing Candice Filippi at 

 Thank you!


Studio Location

Our studio is located at 1235 Boone Hill Rd, Suite 4, Summerville, SC 29483. We have converted half our back warehouse into a studio space perfect for art and crafts classes. The other half of the warehouse is our inventory/ shipping/ packing station. We also have a small showroom filled with fun party décor for sale. 

How much does it cost?

Current Venue Rental Rates: 

2-3 hours               $40/hour

4 hours & up        $35/hour


When booking out our studio, please include the time you arrive to set up and the time you need to properly clean up the space afterwards. 


Accidents happen and we understand that. Arts & Crafts are sometimes messy and we understand that as well. Please do the best job possible to clean up and spills, stains, etc. Any damages to the furniture, tools or property of OhMy! Creative will be charged to the renter's credit card on file to cover the cost to replace or fix the item(s). You are welcome to collect on your own from a customer that causes damage, but OhMy! Creative will not be  responsible for the your clients. 

What about the Party Shop Showroom?

There will always be someone from OhMy! Creative on site during the beginning & end of class times. Someone will let you in and lock up after if you have an evening class. We are happy to help greet your guests. 

WE OFFER 10% DISCOUNT on any OhMy! Creative party purchases made on the day of your clients' class. Feel free to share that information with them! 

Studio Capacity & Insurance

Currently our studio has tables and chairs for 16 participants per class. We are properly insured for liability & property damage. Policy details happily shared upon request.

How do you book the space?

Please check the event calendar below. It shows all reserved class sessions & events. If there is free space, please email us and we will send you a link to pay and book your time. 

Studio is Available to Book: 

Sunday-Thursdays    9am-10pm

Friday & Saturdays   9am- 11pm

General Rules

We ask everyone to abide by the following rules & guidelines so we are able to continue a happy business relationship!

- Treat the studio and other parts of the facility with kindness & respect.

- Please make sure your guests do the same. We reserve the right to ask disrespectful guests to leave the premises. 

- Food & Beverage; water and other beverages are allowed. Alcohol may be brought in by guests, but not by vendor. Alcohol sales are strictly prohibited. Snacks may be brought in. Please ask about other foods or beverages if interested. 

- No pets (service dogs only). 

- If you need to rearrange the studio furniture, just put it back the way you found it before leaving. 

- We supply soap, sponge, counter cleaner and paper towels for basic clean up. If you need special cleaning items, please bring them with you. 

- Please empty the trash cans if you leave them more than halfway full. (large garbage bin in the back of building)

- Please leave the studio in the same condition you found it


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