Meet Your Party Team

We have used our combined years of expertise and love for parties to source practically every party décor item you need to throw an event that would make your guests say “Oh My!”.

If we couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for, we made it ourselves. It’s not only to save you time from scouring the internet and your local party stores, it’s to receive your OMC box and be excited to open a box filled with love and thoughtfulness. Your success is our success.

Hi, I’m Kirsty

I would definitely describe myself as a passionate, fun loving, and creative South African mom (of two wonderful kids) and wife to a very supportive (also South African) husband.  I was born and raised in South Africa for most of my life but I left after finishing my studies to feed the travel bug I had.  I spent a lot of time traveling through many countries passionately exploring food, culture, and diversity, both on my own and then later on with my husband.  I also lived abroad both in London and Australia for a good number of years but now for the last 10 years have found my permanent home in San Diego living with my family in Encinitas. 


The majority of my career has been in the hospitality industry, starting at the airlines in South Africa and then moving into corporate event coordination along the way. 

After traveling, living abroad, and moving to San Diego, I had always felt like I “needed more” and my party passion really ramped up after having my two kids close in age and being a stay home mom for a couple of years.  I look back to the signs...any opportunity to throw a party, my blood raced, my mind went crazy with ideas and from there my husband rolled his eyes and said “there she goes again!”. I can truly say that my true passion and drive shines when I get to create fun, unique and inspiring parties for everyone to enjoy. Needless to say, I get to create these kinds of parties for my kids and some friends all the time and it is a wild ride for sure.


Once my kids were able to go to preschool, I caught a lucky break while volunteering at an event where I met my boss.  The rest is history and for the last 3 years I worked for an awesome San Diego based corporate event company where I was able to feed my creative appetite even more with large corporate events. In March when Covid hit the US and all corporate events came to a grinding halt and went virtual, it all changed for me!   My kids were home 100% from school, I wasn't able to continue working, so I made a decision to create a “quarantine family” with my really close friend and her family to save going stir crazy at home.  After a few weeks of quarantine and many conversations about parties, I just knew right there that I had found my ultimate match, this was it, two creative minds became one and “OhMy! Creative” was born. 

Our vision is to be able to throw a party that we would be proud to throw ourselves.  Each box is filled to the brim with our creative love, unique ideas and fun.

Hi, I’m Candice


My story started off in an entirely different path. I started in restaurants for over 15 years working front-of-the-house, back-of-the-house and as well as management & bookkeeping. In 2005 I graduated with Honors from Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, CA with a degree in Culinary Arts. Soon after, I started a catering business in Los Angeles, met my husband and we had a beautiful baby girl. I worked on growing my business for 6 wonderful years and had an absolute blast! In 2013, we decided to move south to a small, beachy surf town called Encinitas while expecting our 2nd child. I made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to my business because of the distance and complication of relocating and rebuilding it while being a mom of 2 in a new city.


I went from working girl, to stay-at-home mom and it was the hardest (yet most rewarding) job I’ve ever had. During that time with my 2 beautiful girls, I learned so much about myself. That my creativity went beyond the kitchen. I loved painting, crafting, and designing. I have always enjoyed throwing parties. My love for hosting events intensified when I had children. I threw very detail-oriented birthday parties. As we made more friends in Encinitas, my parties grew and grew. The elaborate nature of them grew and grew. I am definitely known as “the Party Girl” amongst friends and family.


I met Kirsty while volunteering at my daughters’ school planning a big fundraising Gala. We immediately hit it off. Someone I could finally “geek” out with about party stuff! We both were so over committed to so many things in our lives, we would mention that it would be great to do a business together, but our life demands didn’t allow it. Then Covid hit the US. We decided to quarantine our families together to stay sane and make the best of the situation. After an afternoon together, the OhMy! Creative concept was born! And the rest is (recent) history! I’ve never been more excited about what we are doing and how our parties can truly help people enjoy the parties I’ve always loved to throw in my personal life. Parties create happiness, great memories and moments I cherish. This is what I feel I’m now meant to do at this chapter of my life. Spread love & parties!

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