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Classic Birthday Box "MINI" Size

Classic Birthday Box "MINI" Size

"Make a Wish"

Our Classic Birthday theme is fun, vibrant and all around happy! We love the pops of yellow, caribbean blue, red, gold & pink mixed with a playful Hip Hip Hooray theme that will bring a smile to everyone’s face.


We have included everything you need to beautifully decorate a tabletop for 8! Perfect for an intimate gathering.




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  • What's included in your box...

    Table Décor:

    • Table Decor:

    • 1 Kraft Paper Runner
    • Rainbow Artisanal Confetti
    • Custom Party Signage: Gold 4”x6” Frames with signage “Make A Wish” 
    • 9 Hip Hip Hooray Party Hats
    • 1 “Hooray” Mini Banner 
    • 1 “YAY” Gold Script Balloon



    • 8 Hip Hip Hooray Lunch Plates
    • 8 Hip Hip Hooray Cake Plates
    • 24 Fringe Napkins
    • 8 Teal Ombre CupsHigh Quality
    • Disposable Gold Flatware: (16 forks, 8 spoons, 8 knives)
    • 20 Hip Hip Hooray Food Cups