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In My Bday Era Party Box

In My Bday Era Party Box

Are you Ready for it? Inspired by the infamous Eras Tour. Any Swiftie fan would be thrilled to pull up a seat to this fabulous table! Set the mood, grab your mic and get ready to indulge in every fun little Taylor detail. 


Build this box into the Ultimate Taylor affair by adding all sorts of fun details on our site! Make the whole place shimmer..






  • Your Eras Party Box Includes:

    Tableware: (Additional Tableware can be purchased in our Shop)

    • 8 Happy Birthday Iridescent Plates (3 colors- Lavender, Pink, Mint) 
    • 8 Iridescent Disco Ball Dessert Plates
    • 16 pk Happy Birthday Iridescent Napkins (3 colors- Lavender, Pink, Mint)
    • 8 Silver Iridescent Paper Cups
    • Modern Disposable Silverware (8 forks, 8 knives, 8 spoons)

    Table Decor: 

    • 2 Holographic Disposable Table Covers (54"x108")
    • Iridescent Sequin Table Runner (13"x108")
    • 4x4x4 Square Glass Vase 
    • Iridescent Shred filler 
    • 4 Piece Hand made Taylor Swift Cutouts on sticks (centerpiece)*
    • Disco Balls- (Four 3" Disco balls, Four 2" Disco balls, Six 1" Colored Disco Balls)
    • 12 Printed Signage papers (Three 8"x10" size,  Nine 5"x7" size) *
    • Two 5"x7" White Frames (additional can be add for extra)
    • 6 pk Microphone Props
    • Eras Tour Circle Cutouts*
    • 3 pk Holographic Honeycomb Balls (hang or table decor)
    • Multi Color LED lights - Battery powered, Multiple Settings
    • 18 pk Laser Cut Small Butterflies, Decor, 2 sizes

    Hanging Decor:

    • In My Bday Era Friendship Bracelet Handmade Banner*
    • Taylor Era Album Banner
    • 8 Piece Taylor Era Hanging Swirl 
    • Iridescent Heart Garland 52 Ft, 4 pk
    • 2 pk Iridescent Fringe Curtains (3'x8')

    * OMC Handmade Items


    Optional: Add additional White 5"x7" frames for your printed signage. (2 included with party box). Choose your quantity.