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Large Champagne Bottle Balloon

Large Champagne Bottle Balloon

The toasts and cheer will be overflowing at your New Year's Eve party with a Champagne Pop Fizz Clink Balloon! This fun New Year's balloon features a shape of a champagne bottle pouring to a champagne flute. The headline on the bottle reads "Celebrate!" while the headline on the flute reads "Pop! Fizz! Clink!" Use this New Year's foil balloon with matching balloons in a glam balloon bouquet for your New Year's Eve party decorations!

  • Specs

    Champagne Pop Fizz Clink Balloon product details:

    • Foil
    • Self-sealing
    • Reusable


    Product Warnings & Disclaimers

    Balloon Safety & Care: (1) The average vehicle holds about 24 inflated balloons and they're best stored in the back seat. (2) Balloons look their best at room temperature – keep them warm on cool days and cool on warm days. (3) Inhalation of helium can be harmful. Never breathe in helium. (4) Uninflated or broken balloons can create a choking hazard. Keep an eye on your little ones. (5) After your party properly dispose of uninflated balloons. (6) Do not release balloons into the air. Help keep balloons out of our waterways and powerlines.

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