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Top 5 Favorite Disco Ball DIY's

Ready for the end of 2020??? We thought so...

Is there anything that screams GLAM & PARTY more than a disco ball? I mean, those reflective little mirrors create magic fractions of light that can fill a room with such a festive vibe. We love a disco ball here at OMC, and we like to throw them onto a table for some bling and class. But let's think outside the box for a minute...we want to share 5 fun things you can do to add some extra pizzazz to your New Years, dinner party, home, birthday, etc.

All of these DIY's are pretty simple and look great with our NYE Party Boxes (sold out). But these fun crafts can add some fun to any space!

1. DIY Disco Ball Christmas Tree

Source: Studio DIY

DEFINITELY making one of these for the Holidays next season! Such a WOW factor! And the best part, is depending on the foam cone you use and disco ball sizes, you can really create in a variety of sizes. (Might even be a great gift idea for your fancy friend that you never know what to get) Check out the tutorial here

2. Disco Ball Headband

Source: Kiss and Wear

Be the queen of the night with this flipping ADORABLE headband the seriously couldn't be easier to make! Mini disco balls, simple headband= BAM! Instant festive wear for New Years Eve! (Hint hint..many times you can find mini disco balls packs at the Dollar Tree). Thanks