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Top 5 Favorite Disco Ball DIY's

Ready for the end of 2020??? We thought so...

Is there anything that screams GLAM & PARTY more than a disco ball? I mean, those reflective little mirrors create magic fractions of light that can fill a room with such a festive vibe. We love a disco ball here at OMC, and we like to throw them onto a table for some bling and class. But let's think outside the box for a minute...we want to share 5 fun things you can do to add some extra pizzazz to your New Years, dinner party, home, birthday, etc.

All of these DIY's are pretty simple and look great with our NYE Party Boxes (sold out). But these fun crafts can add some fun to any space!

1. DIY Disco Ball Christmas Tree

Source: Studio DIY

DEFINITELY making one of these for the Holidays next season! Such a WOW factor! And the best part, is depending on the foam cone you use and disco ball sizes, you can really create in a variety of sizes. (Might even be a great gift idea for your fancy friend that you never know what to get) Check out the tutorial here

2. Disco Ball Headband

Be the queen of the night with this flipping ADORABLE headband the seriously couldn't be easier to make! Mini disco balls, simple headband= BAM! Instant festive wear for New Years Eve! (Hint hint..many times you can find mini disco balls packs at the Dollar Tree). Thanks Kiss and Wear for the adorbs inspiration.

3. Disco Ball Snowman

Pretty abstract snowman, in my opinion, but whatever it is, it's just plain cool. I think these in different sizes leaned up against the fireplace would look fab. Stick these cuties wherever you need a little modern glam around the house. And I love the idea of using different colors! Doesn't always have to be the classic mirror ball. Splashes of color adds exciting interest! See this cool project details here.

4. DIY Disco Ball!

Source: GretasDay

Disco Balls are not cheap. Large ones can be hundreds of dollars and what are you realistically going to do with it after that fact? (Unless you plan on running your own private Studio 54? Lol ) This is such a great idea and I love this fun pinata-like style! Actually, you probably could turn this into a pinata. and if it's an adult get together, some mini booze bottles make a fun filler! Get all the details and instructions to make one here.

5. Disco Ball Drink Stirrers

Source: Arsenic-Lace

100% making these for New Years! So easy and so cuuuute! Mini disco balls, silver straws and hot glue. I'm considering trying some reusable silver metal straws instead of the paper straws that break down. Then they can be washed and reused over & over for separate occasions. (we are always about reusing items for future parties, which you can see from all our party boxes.)

Which one(s) will you try out? Hope this gives you some fun ideas for New Years Eve or any other glitzy occasion. Feel free to share any fun ideas you have to do with disco balls! Cheers & Happy New Year!

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