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Throw a S U P E R Awesome Superhero Party! (with ease)

One of our most fun and action-packed party boxes is our fantastic Superhero Party Box! I have been a big Superhero fan for decades (yes, I've seen every Marvel movie or TV program, Superman, Batman, you name it...multiple times in most cases) But it was important to leave this party box in a general, classic style so it could be customizable to whatever your kid (or adult- no judgement haha) is into when it comes to their favorite heroes. Here are some of my favorite inspiration ideas to enhance your cool hero bash and have all your guests leaving with a great time and lifetime memories.


THIS. Boom, done!


You can't have a themed party without having themed food. Or at least food with some playful & creative names! I absolutely love labeling healthy fruits & veggies as "Super Power" or "For Super Strength" You can label carrots, "Laser Vision" or Blueberries "Energy Blast". Who knows...maybe it would be a great way for your kids to eat their veggies!

I also am a fan of making easy finger foods that can be easily fit into a theme. These "Thor Hammer Snacks" (below) are an adorable example!

When I was first planning parties at home, one of my secret weapons for decorating almost any table, wall or window for cheap was PAPER. For this theme, using sheets of printed comic paper, taping them into a cone shape and filling them with crunchy snacks is genius! (above)

Making labels is also an extra step to really enhance your theme that's inexpensive and oh so easy! Taping some polka dot paper around condiment bottles (or you could use water bottles, sodas, etc and adding a few "PoW" "BaM" cutouts are flipping adorable! (above)

Depending on your child's superhero preference you can also be creative with food colors. For example, if your kid loves Captain America, you can arrange a round tray with strawberries, blueberries & marshmallows to look like his shield. Or grab a cutter like this to cut sandwiches into the Batman shapes.


Of course if you can afford a professional bakery and get a cool cake made, that's always fun. But in our Superhero Box, we include 2 stunning skyscraper cupcake towers that are just begging to be featured! How cool are these??

Sky's the limit on cupcake design. One of the most simple cupcakes that still look fantastic is using themed baking cups and just coloring the icing a single color. Remember I mentioned earlier how much I love paper when decorating? Well these darling printables from Owlie Powlie are a perfect choice for making the simple cupcake look next level!

A little rolled fondant cut in simple shapes like stars, circles and lightning bolts definitely have an impact and are great design ideas for even the beginner bakers out there. (By the way...if you like Captain America, our Star & Stripes Collection has some fun add-ons that would look adorable added to this party! Check them out here.


Anyone that knows me and has been invited into my home for a party will tell you that I pretty much ALWAYS have a signature drink(s). It is an absolute must for me and it doesn't have to be high-maintenance or too involved. It can be a simple as (below) a fun name on basic drinks. A few times I've thrown in a bit of food coloring onto lemonade. In this case you could color lemonade green and name it "Hulk Punch" or color it red and call it "Spiderman Elixir"

Layered drinks would be really special for the kids! Look at these festive beverages from Five Little Chefs. Perfect for an Avengers theme! Yum!


Who doesn't love when a party favor doubles as an activity for the party?? MEEEEEE!! I try to give the kids opportunities to make something that will keep them busy and entertained for a bit, and they usually feel special that something they made gets to go home with them. I call that a Win-Win.

Have each child create their own "SUPERHERO" either inspired by an existing one, or encourage them to be imaginative and invent their own unique hero! So what are things a Superhero needs? A cape, a mask and maybe some cuffs to really complete the ensemble, right? All of these are a GREAT way to pull that double duty. Here are a few fun links to creating the following fun costume items with your party guests.



Masks: (We also offer masks if you want to skip this one. They can be purchased here)

When the mask goes on...playtime is OVER, buddy.

No party is complete without some party games! Here are a few games from Queen of Theme Party Games that are sure to make your guests feel SUPER!


The superheroes practice their x-ray vision skills by reaching into mystery bags and trying to guess what the objects are by touch only. This superhero game is as simple as filling some brown paper lunch bags with different household objects or even food such as popcorn, an apple cut in half, broccoli florets. Use your imagination and you’ll come up with all kinds of things.


This is one of my favorite superhero party games. It’s a fun twist on the ol’ piñata. The little superheroes must chase the villain and try to catch him with their lightening ring (hula hoop). When one lassoes the villain he throws out candy for his release. The game continues until all the candy is gone.

To play you’ll need a fun spirited adult to play the part of the villain. You’ll also need a bag full of candy and a hula hoop for each child. You can often find hula hoops at the dollar store for a buck. If you are on a tight budget you can eliminate the hula hoops and just have superheroes tag the villain. You’ll want to play this game in a large space. A yard will be perfect.


Each boy gets a turn to make his way through the obstacle course and collect Spiderman’s spiders without knocking over any cones. The trick is he has to do it blind folded with only his fellow superhero trainees guiding him through with their voices.

To play this game you’ll need to set up some barriers (cones, cushions, boxes) in the play zone. You’ll also need to purchase some toy spiders and spread them through the play zone also. Blind fold one player at a time, making sure he cannot peak. The other players can use their voices to guide him around the barriers and obstacle to find the spiders.

You can play without keeping score or you can give each player 1-2 minutes to collect as many spiders as they can without knocking over any barriers.


Create your own infinity stones by spray painting rocks, crumbling construction paper, or using plastic Easter Eggs that are the right colors. You will need one set for each guest – and each set consist of six ‘stones’ one of each different color – red-orange-yellow-blue-purple-green. Hide all the stones around your playing area and challenge players to find a full set of six. Players can trade stones with each other to create their set. Award a prize to each player that collects all six!


Though Captain America makes it look easy, throwing a shield is hard work. It takes great aim and lots of practice.

Hang a hula hoop from a tree and use painted frisbee’s to create the shields (one per guest). Take turns hurling your disc and award a small prize each time a players makes it through the hoop - try it from different distances to add challenge.


You could also play a version of this with Thors Hammer.


I will always preach this: music sets the mood! It fills awkward silences, it creates ambiance. Music is a must! I recommend looking up soundtracks to some great superhero flix and playing that. There are so many choices on the many streaming devices nowadays. Pipe it on a portable speaker if you don't have a system hooked up. Super easy! Let's feel like we can conquer the world!

We hope these tips have helped give you the tools for a rockin' Superhero bash! One the kids will remember for many years.


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