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Project Disco Ball Madness

Project Disco Ball Madness

These stunning little sparkle machines are ready to decorate your home, office or next event! Choose your color combo and size! Mix and match for an amazing décor effect. And yes, they actually reflect the light in  their colors! Must have for any space looking for a splash of fun & color.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Disco Balls are HAND painted and created with special inks that can have a watercolor effect or light streaks on the inked glass. This is normal. They are also clear coated in a polyurethane coating to prevent smudging and promote longevity which leaves a slight frosted look up close, again this is normal. They photograph and video beautifully. They are lovely hung or placed in a special shelf and YES, they reflect the colors they are painted if you shine a light on them!

Suggested for Indoor Use long term. Outdoor use only for events (not weather resistant) To clean: lightly dust with soft, lint free cloth. Not responsible for damage cleaners will do to the finish. 

Includes ring for easy hanging.

  • Your Custom Project Includes:

    • 110 Assorted Colored Disco Balls  Sizes 6-12 inch 
    • 100 Assorted Colored Disco Balls Sizes 1-4 inch

     (Itemized listed in pirvate quote)

    Includes Shipping


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