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8 Fabulous Things You Can Do With Sprinkles!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

To us, sprinkles say: Fun, Happy & Color. They also spark smiles and hit a nostalgia button for many. The colorful dots of sugar add a festive delight to everything they touch. Sure, you could cover a cake in them, or mix them into cupcake batter to make funfetti. And everyone loves sprinkles on a donut or on an ice cream sundae. But there are so many more things you can do with sprinkles! Here are 8 fun ideas to inspire your next party. You never knew sprinkles could be so versatile!

1. Make a Sprinkle Filled Vase

Source: Tikkido

This adorable floral bouquet really makes a statement! You don't have to worry, this vase isn't full to the brim with solid sprinkles. Sticking a smaller vase inside and filling the between space with the sprinkles is all you need for this effect! You can use faux or real flowers! Click here for the tutorial!

2. DIY Sprinkle Frames

Source: Kojo Designs

How cute are these frames?? And so easy! Just remove the glass and backing of the frame, paint with Mod Podge or craft glue all over front & sides of frame. Dip in a bowl of sprinkles and let dry. Spray with sealant if desired. Replace the glass & frame backing after completely dry. You can buy a bulk amount of sprinkles here.

3. Sprinkle Rimmed Glasses