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Unicorn Party: Food & Drink Inspiration

What is more magical than unicorns? These mythical stallions are beautiful & graceful creatures that we all kinda wish were real (admit would think it's pretty cool too) Well, our Unicorn Party Boxes will make you BELIEVE that they just might exist! And with the darling decor our boxes provide, all you need to do is add food, drink & friends!

Now, we would be pretty bad party experts if we didn't help you in all different aspects of your party, right? Luckily for you we've got you covered! We want to give you some fun & helpful ideas to enhance your Unicorn Party by sharing some of our favorite food & drink ideas. There are an overwhelming amount of ideas out there. We just tried to narrow it down a bit for you. We also picked items that can be changed up for almost any party theme if you just change the colors! Enjoy!

Unicorn Bark

Source: A Magical Mess

This is a tip we share in our handy pamphlets that we mail in each and every party box. I love this Unicorn bark idea. Even the most novice baker can easily whip this up and it looks so swirly (is that a word?) and fun! Details here.

Mini Unicorn Cheesecakes

Source: A BaJillian Recipes

Every time I make cheesecake for a party it is the biggest hit. And honestly, I find cheesecakes easier to whip up than traditional cakes. Plus, mini cheesecakes bake so fast, look so darn cute, no one can resist them! These are taken up a notch with a lemon Oreo cookie topper and a swirl of colorful whipped cream & sparkles! You can find the simple recipe here.

Unicorn Pretzel Rods