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Parties During Covid: Why it is More Important than Ever

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

By: Candice Filippi

Don’t worry, I’m not endorsing huge get togethers during a global pandemic. But with all of the harsh things happening in our world one thing will be happening no matter what: birthdays. More than ever, we need happiness in our lives. We hope our party boxes can help you make that a reality. 

Since March of this year, our lives have all drastically changed due to the pandemic. I know in my household, we are very social people so the thought of being separated from friends & family hit us so hard. It’s difficult to pull yourself out of a funk when the world seems to be upside down and normal everyday activities are now forbidden or have to be completely reimagined. Right before the shutdown our group of girlfriends were planning on an exciting trip for Kirsty’s birthday to the Magic Castle in Hollywood and to stay in the historical Roosevelt Hotel. Those plans crumbled faster each passing day when we realized the situation was not going to get better…it was just getting worse. Kirsty & I made the decision with our husbands to quarantine our families together so we could keep a level of sanity through this isolating time. 

I could feel the disappointment Kirsty was feeling, even though she was putting on a brave face. Her birthday was getting closer and friends were starting to increasingly getting more nervous to see each other. (understandably so). I immediately thought that I’m not going to let something like this ruin my dear friend’s birthday. Pandemic, or no pandemic, this girl is going to be celebrated! I pulled out every girly decoration I had and set up my living & dining room to be a festive. We sat in my backyard had Happy Hour Zoom with our group of girlfriends. I made her a special dinner, grabbed a bunch of family games turned on some music and partied with our kids and husbands. BOOM!!! Loved seeing the expression on her face when she first walked into the house! It may not have been The Magic Castle, but it was truly a wonderful evening! 

Fast forward to May, and life has been more settled in this Covid “routine”. Drive-by Birthdays become the new thing and my oldest daughter, Lana is turning 9! Now, anyone that knows me will tell you that I am an over-the-top planner when it comes to my kids birthdays. I start months ahead of time to get a theme established and will work bits & pieces over time to perfect all my details. (yes, I’m a bit husband will be the first to attest) But, having 70 people over is not going to happen this year, that’s for sure.

I’ll be honest, my kids love their parties, but it’s me that wants to make it so grand. Because it’s one of the things I happen to be passionate about. I could tell the thing that upset Lana the most was not having family there and not having her traditional group of pals over to party with. I had to get creative & still make it special. 

Honestly, I wish I had our Party Boxes back in May! They are the PERFECT thing to use for a Drive-by birthday. Lana asked for a Lemon yellow birthday this year since she is moving past the “kiddie” themes and her taste is getting more grown up. (heart melt…) So of course, party mom delivers! Kirsty, her hubby and myself made a Lemonade stand out of painted crates and a few pieces of wood and chalkboard paint. Gathered a bunch of random lemon decorations. (Another reason our party boxes rock…we do all that decoration sourcing for you!)

Let me just say…Drive-by bdays?...not so bad! Having people drive by with cute handmade signs, honking horns and enjoying the fresh air outside. NOT having to break my back to clean my house for company and having it all over and done with in 90 minutes? Not bad at all! (Considering). Lana had such a special time. And I surprised her with asking her past teachers to show up! It made her whole day! 

After the Drive-by party, we came back into the house where I had more decorations for Lana set up just for her and our immediate family. We later had Kirsty’s family over for a special dinner, reusing the same decorations from the Drive-by party in the backyard. Lana said, “Mom, I was really not sure how I was going to feel about this Covid birthday, but it was one of my favorites!” (heart melt again…)


Really my point in sharing this is for two reasons. First (and most importantly) I’ll reiterate what I mentioned at the beginning. We need some “extra” in our lives right now. EXTRA happiness, EXTRA appreciation for each other, EXTRA fun memories. Birthdays are a reminder that life goes on. It’s full of ups & downs, but if we can control anything in this world right now, it’s making a loved one feel special. 

My second reason is our Party Boxes are an amazing way to make that a no-brainer! (And trust me…a Lemon Birthday box will be in the works!) Every size box we offer; Party Time, Party On or Party Hard size can be used perfectly for a Quarantine Party! Not having to run around town or spend hours online to find what you need from countless stores. We got you! This is the biggest inspiration of creating our brand. We hope you will continue to celebrate your family & friends in style and create lasting memories. Cheers! 

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